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Часы armani connected art5007 обзор

Emporio Armani Connected Smartwatch

In our Emporio Armani Connected review, we see if the watch is all style and no substance, and if it is, whether it really matters. Smartwatches like this, and others from DieselMovadoand Fossil, are all technically identical.

обзор модных итальянских умных часов emporio armani connected

The differences are in the way the watch looks, the straps and bands, and the custom watch faces. There are five different models of the Emporio Armani Connected, each made from slightly different materials, and with different strap designs. Our review model is in our opinion the best looking.

Часы ARMANI Connected ART5007 отзывы

The Emporio Armani Connected is stealthy, smart, and surprisingly thin. Our review model has a metal link strap, which did painfully catch wrist hair sometimes. We rather like the rubber strap listed here. Armani has included several branded watch faces, which are highly customizable.

Everything from the color of the hands, the background, the complications, and the digits can be switched to suit your own tastes. Its presentation is superb, right down to the cool travel case it comes in. Nearly all Android Wear 2. Manufacturers can, however, create micro apps that personalize the watch closer to the brand. Diesel has a micro app that acts like a special interactive home screenand Michael Kors offers an Instagram-focused My Social app.

The Emporio Armani Connected foregoes all that and sticks to the bare minimum — what you see is what you get.

Обзор престижных итальянских умных часов Emporio Armani Connected, Мир умных устройств

The Assistant uses voice control, meaning you have to get over any fears of talking to your watch in public. The Google Play Store is accessible in version 2. Android Wear and wearables in general work best with notifications, calendar access, navigation, and increasingly, music. The Google Play Music app is well designed, with large, easy-to-tap buttons. It has no special features at all.

Charging takes an hour or so, and is performed by magnetically attaching the watch to a small charging tab. If you own an Apple iPhone, an Android Wear app is also available to download through the App Store, ready to link any Android Wear smartwatch to your phone. We had no trouble pairing the two, but there are fewer features available when the watch is used with an iPhone.

Our recommendation is to grab the stainless steel model in silver as a gift set. The straps have quick release fittings, so it can be swapped in moments. The Connected can be purchased through armani. The company offers a two-year warranty, where it will replace your unit if there are any manufacturing defects.

часы emporio armani connected art5007

Our Take Just like anything with the name Armani attached to it, wearing the Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch is about the way it makes you feel, and not what it actually does. Is there a better alternative?

Часы armani connected art5007 обзор: armani connected art5007

If you own an Android phone, we need to clarify the meaning of better. A better look comes down to personal preference. Not better necessarily, but maybe more to your individual taste. How long will it last? There are two aspects of the Emporio Armani Connected that affect its lifetime: The battery and the software.


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Сегодня отношение к этому бренду и девайсу поменялось часы именитого производителя стали не попыткой выделиться, а штатным атрибутом хоть того зажиточного либо, что вероятнее, известного, общественного человека.

However, the watch will continue to work beyond this time. We continue to wear the watch even though the review is complete, which says a lot about its attractiveness and comfort.

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It does everything we want from a smartwatch, without overloading with rarely used, energy-sucking features.

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